4-1-1 in the 5-3-3 Nov-Dec 2014

Written by Alexanna Salmon on .

The end of October and November was filled with meetings:

  • Monthly IVC meeting.
  • Joint ILC and IVC meetings and a summit at Iliaska Lodge to brainstorm its future.
  • LPSD School Board met in Igiugig on October 30th to present Igiugig School with the 5 Star School banner.
  • November 12 was a Hazard and Mitigation Plan update workshop.
  • November 13 was The Salmon Project convening at Alyeska (
  • November 16 was the Annual Igiugig Native Corporation Meeting.

I have also started hosting staff briefings every two weeks to stay current with office procedures, and mostly to find out people’s travel plans and to make sure there is substitute coverage.

I am happy to report that eventually, both rental homes were moved to their final destinations. Renée and I have been working with the Borough to submit a CDBG grant to repair the bulk fuel farm by building a sheet pile reinforcement wall. We have also been prepping the grant binders for the upcoming audit, working on a strategy for renovating Iliaska Lodge, and determining the next grants to submit proposals for.

Our ETT group had a refresher on what to do (who to call) in an emergency, when the PA Anne Dailey visited from the Nilavena Subregional Clinic. Our group has a schedule of taking care of the on call phone while we await more Itinerant health coverage. The number is 533-1206 or 533-6020.

In between all the work ongoings, I fit in an amazing Halloween Party at the school (my 3 year old is still recovering…) and several wonderful birthday celebrations for my Mom and Gram. And I am now looking forward to a relaxing Thanksgiving holiday with family.

Let us eat, be merry, and grateful.