4-1-1 in the 5-3-3 Oct 2014

Written by Alexanna Salmon on .

October has been the busiest work month. It kicked off with a visit from UAF students, KattiJo and her husband Jeff, to meet with the council on developing our ecotourism goals. We were able to take them on a fishing trip downriver, and then a four-wheeler ride up the beach to provide a good “lay of the land” and fun activities in our community.

We also had the roving VPSO stop in for a night, but he did not have enough time to deliver the new Search and Rescue boats to the Lake Iliamna communities. IVC ended up with providing a means to deliver all the boats safely – thanks to Terry, Tony, Sherry, and Terek!

On October 16, the Department of Fish and Game, Division of Subsistence presented on their whitefish study findings for Igiugig.

My friends and new co-workers Jiles and Renee arrived just in time to help celebrate Kannon’s birthday. We have filed hire packets, are working on moving into a rental, and finding office space.

In the meantime, we are in the painful process of moving two rental homes, making the tenants temporarily homeless, and juggling places to stay for everyone has not been easy.

I was barely able to complete the grant requesting a duplex for Teacher, Health, and Public Safety professionals but it is a long shot from being funded due to the point-system in place favoring categories we don’t necessarily score well in.

We’ve had our main health aide move, and two new hires for the clinic. The new hires need basic training, and while waiting for the Itinerant Health Aide, I kept track of the on-call phones with fingers crossed because of AFN week most of my fellow ETT folks were out of town.

And now I’m prepping for our monthly IVC meeting, but also joint meetings with ILC as Helene is arriving on Monday, the 27th from the Homer office. And that will give me one week to finish all the lovely quarterly reporting that’s due at the end of the month. I am really looking forward to November and a change of pace.