4-1-1 in the 5-3-3 Aug 2014

Written by Alexanna Salmon on .

Some days it looks as though the hangar has been ransacked. We do our best. The village has been bustling with the end of summer activity. We still have all kinds of visitors to the village. Most notably, the University of Washington is in town completing a turbulence and acoustic study on the RivGen turbine. On August 15th the Environmental Protection Agency hosted a public comment hearing on their Proposed Determination to protect the Bristol Bay watershed from large-scale development. This attracted a crowd from Dillingham, the lodges, the locals, and the Pebble Limited Partnership with people to testify for or against the determination. The comment deadline is September 19th. On the 19th, the Lake and Peninsula Borough Assembly, Planning Commission, and representatives from the Department of Transportation (about 20 people total) toured Igiugig to see the RISEC project and other developments of interest. Thereafter, Fish and Game showed up to issue hunting and fishing permits. On August 19th we embraced the first day of school and celebrated it with the Annual Back to School Potluck on the 24th. So, as usual when it rains it pours here!

In addition, Igiugig Village is advertising for a new tribal administrator. In April 2009, I was unexpectedly asked to become Igiugig’s “Acting Administrator” during a regular council meeting. The task was overwhelming at first, and I put myself on a “5 Year Plan” because someday I would like to return to school for a Masters Degree or PhD. Over the past 5 years, and with exceptional teamwork, we were able to accomplish monumental goals:

  • The Greenhouse, 3 wind turbines, 2 outdoor wood boilers
  • Igiugig Lodge Support Facility
  • Igiugig generator upgrade project
  • 6 new HUD homes
  • a Teacher, Health, and Public Safety Professional Home
  • Igiugig High Ridge Subdivision Road
  • The VPSO office and 2 cop cars
  • Barge Landing Road and Barge Landing Ramp
  • Renovation of Fish and Game Landing
  • The New Igiugig Health Clinic
  • Acquisition of a new incinerator, 3 mini trucks, 1 fire truck, 1 patient transport vehicle, 1 fuel truck
  • The River In-Stream Energy Conversion demonstration project
  • Fiber Optic Cable installation and cell tower
  • Acquisition of Diamond Point, soon to be rock quarry
  • Cal-tech University Vertical Axis Wind Turbine demonstration project
  • Small Business Association Certified our company Iliaska Environmental in the 8(a) Program
  • Igiugig’s Historic Photo Digitization Project

Outside of regular programming, we were able to establish a Scholarship Fund for our own, help the students fundraise for a school trip to Boston, and completed our first cultural camp to Kukaklek Lake. On a personal front, Terek and I adopted two teenagers, and had two of our own, now aged 3 years and a 1 month-old baby. In reflection, a lot can happen in a five-year window! Almost too much, the pace has been grueling! Our tribal government has grown so large and so sophisticated over the years, that it is time to focus on growing the staff. I plan to transition to working as a full time grant administrator, which will allow me the flexibility of working around my growing family and will help to make our tribal government operate more efficiently.

As always, I love this village, and I am committed to its well-being. I am honored to continue serving as the President of Igiugig Village Council and I strongly believe a transition to the grants administrator will work in the best interest of us all.

Quyana for all the support!