4-1-1 in the 5-3-3 Jul 2014

Written by Alexanna Salmon on .

The month of July passed in the blink of an eye. I had an atypical summer waiting in the city for Baby #2 so I was out of the office and didn’t split one fish! Without the preoccupation of hangar traffic and subsistence activities, I was able to concentrate on a few IVC priorities: 1) finalize the audit for printing, 2) budget our 2014 housing funds, 3) prepare the budget and work plan for the new emergency building, 4) review the plan for opening a new gravel pit on Float Plane Lake Road, 5) coordinate the shipment of our new Emergency Patient Transport Vehicle to Igiugig, 6) begin the application process for a duplex, and 7) stay apprised of the RISEC project implementation.

This fall we will need to build three gravel pads, one for the emergency building (ERVB) that will be next to the clinic. The second pad will be near mancamp for moving the “double wide” rental home. The third pad will be on Lot 1 of the High Ridge subdivision for the old clinic rental to be relocated. These relocation efforts will be underway once the new gravel pit is in operation. Once the homes are successfully relocated, ILC will be able to begin prepping the new Water Storage Tank for the water treatment upgrade project. The 50,000 gallon storage tank will be constructed approximately where the double wide rental is currently located. The in-take will be constructed in winter, and the water treatment portion finalized in the spring.

While I was only working part-time, I felt as though a lot was getting accomplished.

This was mostly due to the two incredible volunteers we had the pleasure of working with at IVC: Sam Foppema the WWOOFER and Lexi Sayer. Both donated significant hours to working on special projects in the village and we are so thankful for their service and incredible energy for a community they met for the first time. Quyana!