4-1-1 in the 5-3-3 Feb 2014

Written by Alexanna Salmon on .

One of my staple New Year’s resolutions is to become more organized. It was the end of January before I cleared my desk, it had months of paperwork needing new files and the file cabinet needed weeding. The handymen also turned the middle office into a “Records Room” which Sandy and I are thrilled about. One wall is lined with file cabinets and the other with shelves for all of our grant and program binders. Kannon also ordered a large wireless hard drive that we have been digitally archiving all of IVCs files for any future administrations. So, organization is off to a stellar start!

On January 16-17 the Council met with Brad Blackstone of ANTHC; he is the project manager for our surface water upgrade project. We discussed the alternative plan for the in-take, and it was his first visit to Igiugig. We also had the Gas Card Install man arrive for a second visit, but like the first, it was unsuccessful to completing the installation and he will be coming again.

Kannon and I also worked to submit two small Capital Improvement Projects to the State Legislature. Since funding is short, we only asked for assistance with minor upgrades to the water distribution line (such as installing curb stops and fixing the leak at the terminal vault), and for a cost-match for our Emergency Response Vehicle Building. The Alaska Energy Authority also reviewed our application for a wind turbine design project and recommended it among the top 20 projects that the Renewable Energy Fund should cover. We had such high winds in January it was practically hurricane season! If only it was easy to harness and integrate into our diesel system!

Otherwise, time is flying by, especially with all of the school and community events. I’ve enjoyed a poetry slam, celebration of the Chinese New Year, watching Battle of the Books competitions, participating in basketball scrimmages, ice-skating and blackfishing, bonfires, and whatever else people have planned. I’m even taking a Yup’ik Conversation class that is incredibly fun, so stay tuned for my attempts at Yugcetun! I love living in Igiugig (when it isn’t too cold, too buggy, etc.). Assirtuq (it is good).