4-1-1 in the 5-3-3 Apr 2013

Written by Alexanna Salmon on .

The extended daylight, and warming sunny days seem to have re-energized and rejuvenated the staff and local woodsmen! As we push paperwork in a nice warm office, local crews have been delivering cords of wood for the hangar wood boiler. We are very appreciative of these efforts.

First, on the paperwork frontier, we worked on multiple applications and requirements. One is an ICDBG grant application for site development of Lot 18 on High Ridge Subdivision for an Emergency Response Vehicle Garage. The two-bay garage will house the emergency patient transport vehicle, and a fire brush truck. One application is to receive technical assistance for determining energy solutions. Another is for minor repair to our water distribution line, to install a gas card system at the tank, and to acquire the fire brush truck. We have also looked for a solution to the Bulk Fuel Farm storm damage from last fall. The mundane task of completing the annual audit, and BIA direct budget is also behind us for another year.

Before summer, we hope to welcome a new Village Public Safety Officer to the community. Two of the rental homes in the vicinity of the water treatment plant will need to be relocated, as plans are moving ahead for the water in-take system and upgrade. Summer 2013 will also see the installation of a barge landing ramp, and two additional wind turbines.

For me, the highlight of the quarter has been the Igiugig School Spring Fling hosted by the elementary students. The evening was filled with good food, company, and mesmerizing performances! Thank you to all of the students and staff and good weather for the fun and productivity and GOOD BYE WINTER!