4-1-1 in the 5-3-3 Jun 2013

Written by Alexanna Salmon on .

It is hard to write a monthly report when our village has been surrounded in sadness, with the recent loss of Howard Nelson. In our last communication on March 30, Howard wrote: “Igiugig is home. I am elsewhere, Igiugig is people and home.” He was living in Levelock at the time, but his final resting place is Igiugig. On behalf of the Village of Igiugig, we send our greatest condolences to his family during this tragic time.

Prior to the tragedies, we were busy entertaining visits from various groups: the Bristol Bay Christian Learning Center to tour the greenhouse, the Pebble Limited Partnership CEO John Shively, Community Outreach Coordinator Sharon Wilson, and R2 Consultant Mary provided a stakeholder meeting and presentation on Fish Mitigation Plans. Shortly after, Nunamta Aulukestai provided a “Protect Bristol Bay Party” in Igiugig. I also had an engineer arrive to survey the damage at the bulk fuel farm, and the State of Alaska Division of Environmental Conservation to look at the village too. At the same time, the school was preparing to close for the summer, so we participated in the Village Clean-up and End of Year Potluck and Awards Ceremony.

Early June was just as hectic with all the newcomers arriving to participate in the 3 day Wind Turbine Installation class where two more Skystreams were installed at ManCamp. A facilitator named John Lewis visited on June 4th to provide a Strategic Planning session for our villageowned companies: Iliamna Lake Contractors and Iliaska Environmental. Strategic plans refer to the process of defining a firm’s goals and how these will be achieved. The management with the guidance of the Board decides on guiding philosophies, corporate values and how the firm will act in attaining its objectives. Strategic plans are geared towards defining who a firm’s clients are or who they should be. They are time specific covering time frames of between 2 to 5 years. Part of our exercise involved editing our Mission Statements. For ILC, we determined this mission: “Iliamna Lake Contractors aims to provide high quality Public Works and Private construction services with a continuing commitment to quality, professionalism, safety, with on time project completion.” The vision statement for this is:

“ILC will:

  • Exceed the expectation of customers by providing a quality product on time and on budget;
  • Develop the Southwest transportation corridor; 
  • Continue to emphasize the training, certification and employment of local and regional residents.”

The vision statement for Iliaska became: “Iliaska - A multifaceted service company providing direct and support services in marine, environmental and aviation operations.” These are both in their draft form still, but we tried to accomplish all we could in a one-day planning session. And once our plan is in place, it should be updated every two years.

From June 10-17 I took much-needed time off to visit the New York relatives, and attend my 5-year class reunion at Dartmouth College. It was a short but incredible trip, and one that I would like to take more often. But for now, I have other fish to fry :)


The Yup’ik place names map is completed & included in the newsletter.