4-1-1 in the 5-3-3 Apr 2014

Written by Alexanna Salmon on .

It took a lot of planning, coordination, and team effort to accomplish all that we did for the IVC this last month. First, I attended a quarterly meeting for Nilavena in Iliamna on March 26. The South Central Foundation President’s Report highlights include: the ANMC labor/delivery expansion has been approved; they are working on behavioral health redesign; SCF opened a clinic in the Valley (Chickaloon); if the tribe has members going out of state there is assistance in finding healthcare. Please don’t hesitate to ask any health coverage questions regarding SCF services and I will try to get the answers.

  • Then we had a barrage of visitors from different agencies.
  • The BBNA land department visited March 25-26 to visit with allotment owners and provide legal counsel for wills.
  • The Department of Fish & Game crew arrived and hired two locals to complete the second year of study on whitefish, which about 82% of the village participated in.
  • April 1st, the Pebble Limited Partnership senior management visited to introduce the new CEO: Tom Collier. It was his first visit to Igiugig and he met with the council and local Native Corporation.
  • April 3rd, the Bristol Bay Housing Authority maintenance crew visited to discuss the upcoming project to install six new boiler systems in all of the new HUD homes that have been struggling with inefficiencies and high energy bills. IVC will handle the installation of the new systems, most likely during the month of May.
  • Seven of us also participated in a forty hour “Emergency Trauma Technician” class where we learned basic emergency response skill sets and CPR so that we can respond and assist the health aide in an emergency. A rover VPSO visited from April 4-7 and he was able to assist with our emergency “scenario” which involved a staged four-wheeler accident at the barge landing; it was an exhilarating learning experience.
  • From April 7-9, Tanya and I spent a considerable time in the library with Roz Goodman, our professional librarian who comes once a year to evaluate the library and provide on-site training. We did a quick community survey and ordered a lot of new books (including Battle Books!), supplies, organized the library, brainstormed new ideas, and budgeted for the next year. I re-applied for our state library grant, and then completed the annual performance report for the IMLS Basic Grant. If you have a book or collection you would like to see at the library, just give us a call.
  • We also had about five people from Cal-Tech University and UAF on site to complete the install of the two test wind turbines located near the greenhouse. They should be spinning now, so feel free to observe them from a safe distance.
Amidst all of this activity, we also hosted the “R” Carnival -- a fun filled day of games, cake-walks, concessions, and competitions for the kids of Igiugig and to fund raise for the student government, Fire Department, and scholarship fund. Thank you to everyone that volunteered! Kannon also secured and implemented a grant under the Alaska Native Fund to change out the hangar lighting, which Dave was able to complete for us. All the bright lighting makes me very happy! And now, I shall take a whole week off to celebrate Easter with my New York family that I do not see enough. And hopefully re-charge for the upcoming activities.