Bring on the Christmas Cheer

Written by Ida Nelson on .

Waiting to eat Thanksgiving Dinner at Renae’s house

Ghosts are long gone, the turkey has been stuffed, and now it is time to spread Christmas Cheer to those that are dear to your hearts. October and November have gone by so fast and the new year of 2015 is coming over the horizon. I am not saying we have not been busy. We have.

You can get a quick little update from AlexAnna’s 411 in the 533 on recent grants and how we solved our “no health aide in the village” with a lazy susan effect of taking the on call phone between the ETTS. Wondering how our kids are doing? Not sure what type of activities they have been up to; I suggest that you read the School Swarm and see how Aiden’s most painful day of his life went, Kaylee’s article on two sweet potatoes and find out what names they gave to them, and how Keilan and the rest elementary class have created a Friendly Ghost Party for the preschool kids. Fewnia has written a piece about the recycling center and recommended some tips that we can use for our updated waste management in Igiugig. Fewnia’s sister, Dolly, has written a very good article on our annual Halloween party and she included a great number of photos of all of your favorite people.

Jiles, our new Environmental Assistant, attended the ATCEM with Kannon earlier in No-vember. He has some tips of when you are not in the vicinity, in my opinion, the greatest drink-able fresh water in the world. He has come up with some questions and answers for you to ask when you are around questionable water. Jiles lovely wife, Renee, has come up with a Yup’ik word search for us to enjoy and to become more engaged with our Yup’ik language. Also, Renee has a prize for the first 3 people who brings in their puzzle in completed.

Having no trained health aide in the village or a intenerate health aide to cover for our basic medical needs, I have written a small article on what the procedures are during this time. Please follow the tips given during our transition of new health aides in training. Last but not least, enjoy our latest announcements and pictures of your favorite people.

May your home be blessed with Christmas cheer and the love of family and friends near and far, Merry Christmas!