Recycling Center

Written by Fewnia Zharoff on .

Recycling Center is a place for recyclables. The recyclables would be plastic #1 through #7 bottles, all glass, steel tin cans, aluminum cans, and boxes. This is to instruct you for when you go to the hanger and put your bags of recyclables or your burnable bags at the hanger.

Please read the signs of where to put your bags. By placing the bags in the right place will be what to do because it would be great help in what we are doing and in what we have to do, the bags would be burnable or non-burnable.

Please tie up any kind of your bags because we don’t know if they are tied up or not and when we pick the bags up loose bagged trash, or bagged recyclables would just spread out and when it is windy the trash will scatter everywhere. Likewise, when you throw your bags of recycling bags in the big white trash bin, the aluminum cans and tin cans go everywhere and we would have to get a bin and pick everything up. It will be easier on us if they were in tied up trash bags because we would be able to perform our job in a much faster speed and we appreciate the extra help.

I don’t like it when we go through recycling bags, open them, and we see trash in the bag. We don’t like that, because it was only suppose to be only recycling items. The trash in the recycling bags can make it smell inside. It is so gross to open a bag that was suppose to be recyclables and see trash, so please don’t throw trash in your recycling bag. Thank you.

I am reminding you that we don’t burn big cardboard boxes anymore. We don’t want to burn boxes anymore because we are saving them for next spring for the green house. There is a sign for where the boxes go. It is the bin where we use to put the bagged trash. There are simple instructions on the bin for you to do.

Thank you very much. We all will appreciate it.