Halloween Party

Written by Dollyann Zharoff on .

Betsy and Dave

The Halloween Party was a blast! We had many Halloween games: Ring Toss was supervised by Fewnia (the cones looked like witches hats); a Ping Pong toss overseen by Kaleb; Poke the Cup by Renae; Paper Roll Bowling monitored by Tia; Pudding in Face by Mr. B.; Fishing pole by Simeon; Photo Booth by Dolly; and jail by Greg and Kaleb where you could put someone in jail for $1.00 a minute.

There was an awesome, scary Haunted House, where some tears were shed. We had delicious hot dogs and chili, and many tasty desserts for the cakewalks. We had relay races and an egg toss. The relay race was a fun team game, and Kaylee and I did it. I was blind folded and Kaylee sat on a chair with wheels while I pushed her across the gym to the end. At the end I had to feed Kaylee a cup of pudding when I couldn’t see. Her costume, which was Cleopatra, got a mess of pudding on it. It was mucky, but not as mucky as yellow pudding being thrown at Mr. B’s face.

Many people had great costumes and painted faces. Kaleb had a big, light green, air filled costume, he didn’t know what to call it, but he scared many of the little kids. Ida was also green; she was Fiona from Shrek. Simeon was a big black gorilla, and Fewnia was Mustard and Tia was Ketchup. Ms. McKelvey was a fortuneteller, Mr. Page was a scary pirate, Karl and Stacy were fat sportsman fishers, baby Mavrik was a cute tiger, and the twins, Ruth and Olivia were cute ladybugs. AlexAnna had a very pretty masquerade mask on, Renee was a zoologist or anthropologist with a cute little monkey on her side, and Tatyana Rose was a super cool reptile. Keilan was a killer monkey; Aiden was the awesome wizard Gandalf. Kaylee was Cleopatra, Tanya was Ragdoll Sally, and Donovan was Jack Skellington from Nightmare before Christmas. Alicia was a vampire, Kiara was a diva, and Shealayla was a spooky soul taker. Avery was bat-woman, Jonathan was the transformer bumblebee and Dannika was a very adorable raccoon. Christina was a fly and Mr. B was poop and Erika was Elsa from the cartoon Frozen. Clara was a zombie, and Renae was happy clown.

We do the Halloween Party every year, and every year it always turns out to be fun. We will most likely be hosting it next October and be seeing many amazing costumes, face paints, games, and foods.