Fourth of July

Written by Loretta Peterson on .

4th of July village photo!

Who was all looking forward to Fourth of July? What fun plans did you have in mind? Well, here in Igiugig, we were all very thrilled to be having a parade in our little village.

Though it turned out to be a rainy and mighty windy day for a parade, it did not damper anyone’s joyful mood. We started off the afternoon in the hangar with some great company and wonderful appetizers. People from the community generously brought some small dishes of food which included ribs, baked salmon, spaghetti, macaroni salad, homemade biscuits, chips, watermelon, grape soda, 7-up, and capri sun.

In the meantime, Kevin was working hard to grill plenty of hamburgers, hot dogs, and chicken for everybody. After everyone had plowed through all of the watermelon and hamburgers, we all gathered around in front of the Fourth of July banner and posed for a picture.

Towards the end of the lunch, we were all caught off guard when we heard all of the big trucks driving down the road with their sirens and honking on full blast for the parade. People immediately stopped what they were doing and excitedly ran out to the road to watch and take pictures of the big trucks. Some of the children stood in the back of the trucks throwing candy out to everyone as if it were confetti.

As the excitement of the parade wore down, everyone was very glad to help put all the food and tables away.