Job Shadow with the Smolt Crew

Written by Tatyana Zackar on .

I did a job shadow with the smolt counting crew on the night of June 4th. The smolt crew this year are Chris Seawright, Dirk Middleton, and Logan (he’s the new Brad) and we got dressed and went down to the landing. The smolt trap is located just past Blueberry Island Lodge. After we got ready, we walked down to the landing, and we climbed into the boats and launched 12:30 A.M. It was calm, no bugs, over cast, and light rain but overall a warm night. After a 10 minute boat ride down to the trap, I got to watch Chris and Dirk set the smolt trap. It looked cool when a school of smolt got caught in the trap. Chis would dip his net in the trap and catch about a 100 smolt per dip. The smolt where then placed in a color coded bucket and all of the buckets where filled in about an hour and half. After all the buckets were full of smolt, we started to head back to the fish and game building. After undressing and warming up with a cup of coco served by Dirk. We sat down around the table and got ready to the sampling. First Logan measured the length of the smolt; Chris scraped scales from the smolt and then placed them on a slide. I helped Dirk weigh them. We stayed up really late until about 5:30 in the morning and after 50 samples I went home.