Spring Concert

Written by Tanya Salmon on .

Spring Concert

On April 6th, the Igiugig Students held a Spring Concert and a Choose Respect Potluck. Everyone was encouraged to attend and bring a dish to share. The evening started off with everybody serving themselves a delicious meal. There was a variety of different dishes and everyone’s plates were piled high! Afterwards, the school kids began their performances.

First up was the whole elementary class singing their favorite song, “Stinky Food.” Next up was Rylee and Walt in their version of “The Three Little Pigs.” The audience enjoyed the poetic banter between the wolf and the pig who built his house out of bricks. Next everybody enjoyed watching Aiden’s slideshow presentation. He took all the photos and even made the music himself off of garage band. Kiara and Ms. Toews sang “A Thousand Years.” Kaylee and Rhiana performed, “A Princess and a Pea,” and Ella and Lorin sang “You Can Count On Me” while Lorin played the ukulele. Afterwards, the elementary class finished off by singing “I Ride An Old Paint,” “Old Dan Tucker,” “John Henry,” and “The Alaska Song.”

The kids did an excellent job singing and acting. Even if one of the pre schoolers went up to stand next to the princesses, as Avery did during Kaylee and Rhaiana’s performance, the show continued on. Great job No-see-ums!