Sandy Alvarez, Citizen of the Year 2014!

Written by AlexAnna Salmon on .

Sandy & Randy Alvarez

In a tiny village of 70, with a tribal government operating all essential services, sometimes the most helpful citizen is one that shows up to work day in and day out, year after year, for nearly three decades. This year IVC decided to recognize, honor, and thank the longest standing IVC employee, our Chief Financial Director, Sandy Alvarez. For 27 years she helped to build this multi-million dollar empire of an organization with integrity, honor, and frugality. She has helped in every capacity possible: as head-start director before Igiugig had a preschool, as water operator, electric utility clerk, accountant for all IVC business, and secretary of all meetings. She is someone we can turn to for fresh ideas, a history lesson, budgeting advice, or greenhouse tips! On behalf of IVC, and all of our tribal members, thank you for your continual dedication and exemplary citizenship.


Bring on the Christmas Cheer

Written by Ida Nelson on .

Waiting to eat Thanksgiving Dinner at Renae’s house

Ghosts are long gone, the turkey has been stuffed, and now it is time to spread Christmas Cheer to those that are dear to your hearts. October and November have gone by so fast and the new year of 2015 is coming over the horizon. I am not saying we have not been busy. We have.

You can get a quick little update from AlexAnna’s 411 in the 533 on recent grants and how we solved our “no health aide in the village” with a lazy susan effect of taking the on call phone between the ETTS. Wondering how our kids are doing? Not sure what type of activities they have been up to; I suggest that you read the School Swarm and see how Aiden’s most painful day of his life went, Kaylee’s article on two sweet potatoes and find out what names they gave to them, and how Keilan and the


Recycling Center

Written by Fewnia Zharoff on .

Recycling Center is a place for recyclables. The recyclables would be plastic #1 through #7 bottles, all glass, steel tin cans, aluminum cans, and boxes. This is to instruct you for when you go to the hanger and put your bags of recyclables or your burnable bags at the hanger.

Please read the signs of where to put your bags. By placing the bags in the right place will be what to do because it would be


Halloween Party

Written by Dollyann Zharoff on .

Betsy and Dave

The Halloween Party was a blast! We had many Halloween games: Ring Toss was supervised by Fewnia (the cones looked like witches hats); a Ping Pong toss overseen by Kaleb; Poke the Cup by Renae; Paper Roll Bowling monitored by Tia; Pudding in Face by Mr. B.; Fishing pole by Simeon; Photo Booth by Dolly; and jail by Greg and Kaleb where you could put someone in jail for $1.00 a minute.

There was an awesome, scary Haunted House, where some tears were shed. We had delicious hot dogs and chili, and many tasty desserts for the cakewalks. We had relay races and an egg toss. The relay race was a fun team game, and Kaylee and I did it. I was blind folded


Spring Concert

Written by Tanya Salmon on .

Spring Concert

On April 6th, the Igiugig Students held a Spring Concert and a Choose Respect Potluck. Everyone was encouraged to attend and bring a dish to share. The evening started off with everybody serving themselves a delicious meal. There was a variety of different dishes and everyone’s plates were piled high! Afterwards, the school kids began their performances.