Library News - Jan 2015

Written by Tanya Salmon on .

Christina led Eskimo Bingo

In true Igiugig fashion, New Years Eve was spent at a library event: Winter Games 2014. At 7PM we gathered to compete for the 2014 winners in both community and individual games. The community games were Eskimo Bingo, regular Bingo, a “banned word” competition, and “guess how many M&Ms?” Julie Salmon was the main Bingo winner. Karl and Alicia tied for the bracelet-stealing “banned word” game; “No” was the banned word, and Karl turned into a “yes-man” just to claim the win. David won the jar of M&Ms.

Meanwhile, individual games were underway; one group commenced “Apples-to-Apples”, the Hostetter sisters tried “Othello” and Kevin and I were in heated games of Cribbage.

Event goers were encouraged to bring snacks or a dessert to share. However, Martha and Jocko brought a feast, so we all enjoyed ham, potatoes, pomegranates, soup, brownies, assorted cheeses, and other delectable entrees.

On New Year’s Even it finally snowed! After the event ended at 9PM, people carried on in the parking lot in a grand snowball fight. The kids were ecstatic for snow. I dodged several snowballs just getting to the truck! The young and old frolicked in the snow.

Thirty-six people joined in the fun, which was nearly the whole community since some folks were out of town for the holiday.

In 2015, we hope to hold more regularly library events for the community to enjoy.