Sweet Potatoes

Written by Kaylee Hill age 11 on .

Left side is Chubby and the right is Spud

Do you want a fun and easy way to grow a house plant? The elementary class has been growing sweet potatoes. Here is the way grow a sweet potato. First you get a cup and fill it with water. Then you take some toothpicks and stick them in the potatoes. Take the potatoes with the toothpicks in them and put them in the cup of water they there is only a little bit of potato sticking out. Then in about a week there will be roots coming out. I think you should plant one. Try it sometimes. We have been growing some. We even gave them names. There names are Chubby and Spud. We picked the names Spud because he is growing really fast. We picked the name Chubby cause he is short and chubby.