Where We Are

The Village of Igiugig is located at the confluence of Iliamna Lake and the Kvichak River. We have a 3000 ft. runway that is maintained year round. Please contact us if you have any questions about how to travel to our village.

Iliamna Lake

Iliamna Lake is the largest lake in Alaska, the 8th largest in the U.S., and covers nearly 1,000 sq. miles. The lake is 77 miles long and up to 22 miles wide, with a maximum depth of 988 feet. Through the Kvichak River, its waters drain into Bristol Bay. Iliamna is said to be, "the name of a mythical great blackfish supposed to inhabit this lake, which bites holes in the bidarkas [kayaks] of bad natives."

Kvichak River

With headwaters in Lake Iliamna, the Kvichak River drains the lake into Kvichak Bay, an arm of Bristol Bay. The river is about 60 miles long. The communities of Levelock and Igiugig lie on the Kvichak River. Historically, the river was navigated and subsistence fished by local Alaska Natives. The name of the river means from, or up to, great water, a reference to Iliamna Lake.

This map features all map controls including zoom, terrain, and satellite view. Surrounding villages are marked with blue and other areas of interest are marked with green to help you become famliar with our area.