Village Information

Restroom and Shower Facilities: Public restrooms/showers are located at the Igiugig pump house. If these are your primary bathroom facilities, there is a $5.00/day charge, payable to the Igiugig Tribal Council.

Laundry Facilities: Coin laundry facilities are located at the pumphouse. Coinage is available at the Igiugig Tribal Council offices.

Igiugig Village Clinic: The clinic, staffed with one or two health aides, is open Monday-Friday, 9 AM-3 PM. In case of after hours health emergencies refer to the clinic door for the on-call health aide.

Post Office: Post office hours are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, 12-4 PM.

Igiugig General Store: Located next to the Post Office, the general store sells groceries and other basic supplies.
Monday – Friday: 10:00-6:00
Saturday: 12:00-4:00
Closed Sunday
Also available on request, call 907-533-6069 or 907-533-6005 to open or questions.

Public Phone: A public phone is located at the airport hangar.

Gasoline and Propane: Fuel is available through the Council offices. Please check at the office for current prices.

Trash Disposal/Recycling: Please consolidate all refuse and contact the IVC office for proper disposal at the new solid waste landfill facility located at the end of the new landfill road. Hours of landfill operation are available at the IVC main offices. Igiugig recycles aluminum cans, foil, batteries, and used oil, so please segregate these items.

Community Library/Computer Lab: The village library/computer lab is located in Igiugig School and open to the public. Please stop by the Igiugig Tribal Council offices before using it.
Library Hours:
Monday-Friday: 3:30 PM-4:30 PM,
Saturday: 11:00 AM-Noon. Closed Sunday

Public Access

Public Access roads are highlighted in red. The sportfish access trail is equipped with picnic tables, barbecue pits, and bear proof trash receptacles for your convenience. A popular place to enjoy fishing for red salmon is the island located below the trail. If traveling by boat, you can park it at the public boat landing. We hope you enjoy your visit to Igiugig.