Message from the Editor July 2019

Written by
Ida Nelson
05 July 2019

Summer 2019 in Igiugig started off busy with float planes flying by with numerous fishermen, boats zooming on the Kvichak hunting for the mythical 30” rainbow trout and kids and adults playing in the pristine waters of Lake Iliamna. AlexAnna has an update in her 411 in the 533 and Halay, our Grants Administrator, is happy to announce that we were “one of the only 22 grantees nationwide out of a pool of over 200 applicants for the 2019 Native Youth and Culture fund.” Sheryl our Resilience Project Coordinator, has written about the BIA “Tribal Resilience Grant to build capacity and develop an Adaptation Assessment that addresses extreme events and harmful environment trends that will impact our resources, economy, infrastructure, health and welfare.” Sheryl is proud to announce as well that “Igiugig Receives BIA Travel Support Grants to attend trainings and workshops to help us build capacity and give us tools and resources to form an adaptation assessment.”

Following those announcements is a cute article written by our youngest reporters, Ruth, Olivia, and Mavrik on Summer Seagull Eggs and you can read how they go hunting for them. Alicia has an exciting announcement in her article of her Pennsylvania trip to visit Levi’s family and explore his home. ORPC would like to do an announcement as well for a celebration on the 16th of July and below it is a small description of the RivGen® power system. Igiugig took on D.C. this spring and you can read some of the highlights from the trip. We would like to send out a huge thank you to the people that donated to help make the trip happen. Following photos of the trip you can look at some of the photos of this summers adventure and read about our announcements.

Stay cool (its been a warm summer), use sun block, and always use a life jacket when you go boating. Stay safe!

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