Message from the Editor October 2018

Written by
Ida Nelson
24 October 2018

Welcome Back!

Waqaa! Welcome back to our Newsletter, my sincere apology to our subscribers, it feels like many moons since one has been produced and I for one apologize. Igiugig has been very busy and everything cannot be jammed packed into one newsletter, but we do have some highlighted events, and also articles from our returning students from the school.

We first off have a news release from Senator Lisa Murkowski about the Language Revitalization Focus in the Senate Committee. Following her article, I would like to congratulate Mr. and Mrs. Thomas, they got married in Las Vagas on September 10th, 2018! Congratulations to you two, may you two have many blessed years together. Below them you will see a highlighted Goose Camp photos followed by highlighted photos of our busy summer and fall time snap shots! We have articles written by our students, Walt Gooden wrote about the “The Old World Revealed,” as we had archeologist visit the “Old Igiugig. AJ, our Librarian, has a wonderful update for you, followed by some of her photos of the events. Aiden has a wonderful Salmon Incubation piece of the eggs they harvested that is located in their class room. You can read about how Kiara got closer to her roots to learning who she really is and where she came from in her article called “Archaeologist Expedition.” Then you will find the announcements for Igiugig.

Quyana, please look forward to our next newsletter as they will be filled with more articles. Be safe, have fun, and as Dorothy S. of Louisiana said, “The magic is in the mess.”

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