COVID-19 Update March 2020

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25 March 2020

Igiugig Village Council COVID-19 Travel Restrictions and Quarantine Guidelines

March 24, 2020

In response to the developing world-wide COVID-19 virus pandemic, the Igiugig Village Council with support from the community members of Igiugig, has developed recommendations for restricting travel to our community, as well as quarantine guidelines for community members returning to Igiugig.

Travel Restrictions – Igiugig Village, hereby restricts travel to Igiugig to those individuals that are essential to community health and village utility and service operations, as well as community members wishing to return to Igiugig. If you’re aware of someone wishing to travel to Igiugig, please check in with the Village Council President, AlexAnna Salmon, or the Village Administrator, Karl Hill. Community members wishing to return to Igiugig should do so as soon as possible.

Quarantine Guidelines – Anyone arriving in Igiugig from another community is to complete a 14-day quarantine in their household, without exhibiting signs of being affected by COVID-19, prior to being able to enter other dwellings or community buildings. If a person arrives in Igiugig and is quarantined in a home that has other people living in it, the people within that home or having contact with the individual will also be asked to complete a 14-day quarantine starting on the date of contact. Community members wishing to work for IVC during their quarantine may work from home or do outside work, as available, while maintaining a minimum six feet separation from other people. Fliers with specific guidelines and suggestions for proper cleaning and virus avoidance will be provided by the village clinic, will be distributed to residents, and will also be available in the entrance to the hangar.

Other Considerations - IVC employees recognize that there is risk involved with working and do so by their own choice.

We’ve also learned the virus can be transferred during the handling of freight and mail. Community members should ensure that they are protecting themselves by wearing the appropriate personal protective equipment (i.e. gloves, protective outerwear, etc.) when handling freight and mail.

We realize that the above recommendations will not fit every situation, and that this is an ever-changing environment. Please contact the IVC President or Village Administrator if you have a situation which may need further evaluation. Thank you all for your diligence during this challenging time. Let’s work together and slow the progress of this virus so we can protect ourselves and those around us.

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