Peaky Keaky

Written by
Ms. Gabbie’s Class
06 March 2019

Peaky Keaky had a secret. Peaky Keaky entertains the children in Igiugig School during the school day, but after she sleeps, she grabs her cape and jumps onto the floor. Sneaky Peaky runs. She jumps! She flies! Mr. Gifford cannot see Peaky Keaky or else Peaky Keaky will turn invisible forever. Peaky Keaky has to drink water to turn back to normal.

Sporkidding is an evil, mean, poisonous, villainous, black scorpion. Sporkidding was sneaking into the classroom, and Peaky was sneaking out of the classroom during the night. Mr. Gifford was still in the classroom because he fell asleep on the job. Sporkidding was trying to kill Mr. Gifford.

Peaky Keaky and Sporkidding are about to battle. Peaky turns on her small, quick laser. Zam! She almost hits Sporkidding! Sporkidding crawls towards her. The thick laser comes out of Peaky’s head. It cuts off one of Sporkidding’s legs, but Sporkidding can grow back his legs in one minute! If Peaky does not hurry up, Sporkidding could jump out at any moment.

Then, more scorpions came! She shoots out all of the small lasers from her claws and turns the scorpions into shriveled little insects. Then, more scorpions came. Peaky Keaky kills all of the scorpions!

One minute and two seconds ago the scorpion got his leg cut off. Sporkidding’s leg grew back! Peaky Keaky has sharp claws to scratch Sporkidding! Peaky Keaky jumps onto Sporkidding’s back. Sporkidding hisses and pinches her foot! She yelps in pain and digs her claws into Sporkidding’s back and shoots her lasers! Peaky jumps off of Sporkidding, and Peaky Keaky brings Sporkidding to Mr. Gifford’s foot. Mr. Gifford wakes up and steps on Sporkidding by accident because he didn’t know Sporkidding was there!

She runs as fast as she can along the wall so that Mr. Gifford won’t see her. Then, Peaky jumps into the food cabinet for a burger and fries! It’s a hard night of work! When the children come in, Peaky was sleeping on the job.

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