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Message from the Editor September 2020

| Ida Nelson
Summer/fall COVID-19 went a lot smoother than I thought it would have. Having to remember the protocols put in place to help protect my people is now the new normal. Not walking...

COVID-19 Update July 2020

| Administrator
IGIUGIG COVID-19 RESTRICTIONS: Effective July 2020 Upon arrival in Igiugig you are to avoid interaction with residents and go directly to your final destination. If you ca...

Library Catalog Online

| A J Gooden
Your Library Catalog is Now Available Online! Hello, Library Patrons, Igiugig Tribal Library’s catalog of books, DVDs, and other materials is now available on-line! This mea...

Amau's Fish Camp – Preserved!

| AlexAnna Salmon
Land is the gift of our ancestors and the guarantee of our right to continue our subsistence lifestyle. Land is the heart of our culture. Without the land, we are nothing” – H...

Energy Update

| Jonathan Salmon
First off, I would like to thank Igiugig Village Council for allowing me to become a part of the team over the past year. Since returning home, the RivGen® Project and Ocean Ren...

Message from the Editor April 2020

| Ida Nelson
COVID-19 was not what I had in mind when it came to Spring 2020. I had a whole different version of what my spring would entail. The funny thing is that I was wishing for more t...

Growth Mindset & the Yup’ik Culture

| Kiara Nelson
Wangkuta. This is a short word in Yupik, but its meaning is powerful. Wangkuta literally means “us” or “we.” Now, you see, I didn't just throw in a random Yup’ik word for your e...

Storytelling Workshop Held in Igiugig

| Walt Gooden
During the week of January 13th, world renowned storyteller Brett Dillingham came to Igiugig to teach the students how to tell stories in a captivating and interesting manner. H...

Message from the Editor March 2020

| Ida Nelson
Flying by 2020 Winter has gone by a lot faster than I would have anticipated. With the changing times of this pandemic, I’m shifting from working with my co-workers in one of...

Flying High

| Aiden Wassillie
Last October our Village Council got a Gleim Virtual Cockpit Flight Simulator and installed it in the school office. It felt like it took forever to set up because I couldn’t wa...

Igiugig Artists

| Ella Gooden
Among the many exciting activities that have taken place with the start of the new year, artist Ann Luthy’s visit was one of the best. During the week of February 10-14, Ann wor...

The Basketball Season in Hindsight

| Walt Gooden
Basketball season was a fun experience. We practiced hard, learning transition defense drills, footwork, and offensive plays. The team had fun (I think) traveling to different v...

COVID-19 Update March 2020

| Administrator
Igiugig Village Council COVID-19 Travel Restrictions and Quarantine Guidelines March 24, 2020 In response to the developing world-wide COVID-19 virus pandemic, the Igiugig Vil...

The Power of We Meeting

| Halay Turning Heart
“Imperfect Action is always better than Perfect Inaction” was a theme of the grantee meeting for the Native Youth and Culture Fund (NYCF). The Power of We brought together 22 gr...

Igiugig Takes on D.C.!

| Administrator
This year’s school trip to Washington D.C was a hit. The Igiugig school would like to thank those who donated, they helped make this trip happen. The trip kicked off with a g...

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