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Our Department of Energy funded RivGen® project received its FERC permit on May 23, 2019 making IVC the first tribal entity to receive this designation. It’s a temporary 10 year license to pilot the project.

Our RivGen project has been very involved. Last summer we saw no adult returning sockeye salmon harmed by the device. We completed the planned maintenance event on RivGen in October. Our main goal now is to keep the device and cameras running through early spring to capture and document the salmon smolt outmigration – the last environmental permitting piece that needs proving. Our project is funded by multiple sources which means many team meetings, monthly and quarterly updates, and expectations to present to wider audiences. We ordered a Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) and transformer which are being manufactured, and will be shipped by early 2021. We are working on proposals now for the “smart” portion of the proposed “SMART Microgrid”. These involve technical meetings with many different companies and agencies and basically our goal is to get to a system where our generator facility has the capability to say: “batteries turn on, RivGen turn on, diesel generators turn off”.

This means our diesel powerhouse has to be upgraded because ultimately in any event, we need to have electricity. This means we are working with Alaska Energy Authority on another upgrade to the controller system in our powerhouse.

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