4-1-1 in the 5-3-3 Aug 2015

Written by Alexanna Salmon on .

As we transition from sockeye fishing to silvers; from salmonberries to blackberries; from summer vacation to school, operations in Igiugig are still full tilt.

Farewells and Welcomes
At the end of summer, it was time to say goodbye to David and Ciara, our beloved WWOOFERS who brought so much light and laughter, help and humor to our operations. Someday, we hope our paths cross again! In early August we welcomed a new family – David and Natalia Askoak –to the community. She is serving as our second healthaide. Already the kids of Igiugig are ecstatic for new friends! We are so grateful this family has chosen Igiugig as home.

Capital Improvements Update
The Water Storage Tank has been constructed – it boasts the best new view of the Kvichak River from the top. We will be reinstalling a waste heat line to the village offices, and the water treatment improvements should be completed by the end of September. The funding has been released for our Bulk Fuel Farm repair – a shoreline stabilization project – to occur. I am still optimistic that the project can move forward this late fall.

Renewable Energy Update
On Monday, August 17th, the hydrokinetic project was toured by Alaska Energy Authority and other esteemed guests. At the same time, Igiugig Village is preparing to sign for the wind conceptual design project, funded by the Renewable Energy Fund. We are also still in the trial period with our vertical axis wind turbine project, funded by the Moore Foundation – we are working on setting a site visit meeting this fall.

Operation Organization!
As our village operations continue to grow, so does our disorganization! Our connexes are plumb full of boxes and parts in disarray, our hangar space nearly overgrown, and with our scrap backhaul and landfill organization project there is no better time to restore the order! We’ve hired on extra maintenance personnel to help get our vehicles in ship shape condition and to assist with the parts inventory, etc. Before winter sets in, a new recycling centralization point will be made at the landfill.

The Grant Frontier: Cultural Resurgence
By now, perhaps most have heard that IVC was honored to receive a three year ANA language revilatization grant: Wanguta Qanriarait Navarparmiut Yugestun. I will be serving as the Project Director, and due to time commitments, we are actively searching for a new administrator. By October 1st, we hope to fill the position and will keep everyone posted on that effort.

Quyana for all of the community involvement this past month!