Welcome to Igiugig

Igiugig is a small village (population 69) located in southwestern Alaska, on the south bank of the mouth of the Kvichak River and Lake Iliamna. The village is 48 miles southwest of Iliamna, Alaska and 56 miles northeast of King Salmon, Alaska. The Village's population consists mainly of Yup'ik Eskimos, Aleuts, and Athabascan Indians. The word Igiugig means "Like a throat that swallows water" in the Yup'ik language - a name clearly derived from the location of the Village right at the mouth where Lake Illiamna feeds the Kvichak River.

The Lake Iliamna/Kvichak River water system is renowned for having the best sportfishing in all of Alaska. July sees phenomenal runs of sockeye salmon from Bristol Bay up the Kvichak River, and August and September are prime times for fishing in the only designated Trophy Rainbow Trout area in Alaska, where Rainbows grow in excess of 30 inches. September is also prime time for hunting caribou or ptarmigan.

Village Life

Being home to 69 people, Igiugig is a community with strong educational values, elder respect, and people with strong wills. Located on the sloping banks of the Kvichak River, Igiugig is a prime site for subsistence fishing and hunting, tourism, and travel.

Visitor Guide

Nestled alongside Alaska's largest freshwater lake and the crystalline Kvichak River, Igiugig offers an unforgettable experience: trophy rainbow trout, world's greatest sockeye salmon run, breathtaking scenery, and exceptional hospitality.

Tribal Government

The Igiugig Village Council, which is also known as the Tribal Council, is responsible for handling the governmental activities of the Village in addition to maintaining and overseeing the Village's general well-being and continued existence.

Upcoming Events

  • September 3rd: Labor Day
  • September 4th: School Opens

Summer Library Hours
Monday – Friday: 10am-12pm
Closed Saturday & Sunday
Subject to change.

Store Hours
Monday – Friday: 10:00am-5:30pm
Saturday: 12:00pm-4:00pm
Closed Sunday
Located next to Post Office.

The Igiugig after-hours emergency number is 907.533.6020.
If there is no heath aide in the village, please call the Nilavena Clinic at 907.571.1818 or 907.571.7111 for after-hours emergencies.

Anutiiq - Birthdays

  • 1 - A J Gooden
  • 6 - Jon Alvarez
  • 10 - Sandy Alvarez
  • 20 - Olga Zackar
  • 23 - Karl Hill

  • 23 - Loretta Peterson
  • 27 - Dallia Andrew
  • 31 - Yako Nickoli


  • Fuel Fuel is for sale:
    Unleaded is available at the pump 24/7.
    100 LL, diesel, and propane for sale.
    Contact the office for more information 907-533-3211.

    Igiugig Village Council is open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

    For after hours fuel call contact Ida 907-720-8716

    You will be charged a $25.00 call out fee if any employee is called in after hours to assist you with fuel, propane, etc.

  • Please Recycle Remember to separate #1 plastics, aluminum cans, glass, & food scraps. Properly segregating your trash will help keep the cost of dump fees down.

    Signs have been hung around the hangar directing you where to dispose of your trash.

    Please drop your trash off during Office hours.

    Thank you for your cooperation & understanding!

    • If you are leaving on a flight, please park on the sides or back (North Side) of the hangar.
    • If you are at the airport working, doing business, garbage, etc., and need to stop in front of the hangar (South side) please park within 30’ of the building.
    • DO NOT leave your vehicle out on the apron where airplanes need to taxi, park, or unload.
    • DO NOT park right in front of the hangar doors, or office door. Thanks!
  • Please Turn Off Lights

    It's a simple task. When you leave any public building, please turn out the lights behind you. Even if you plan on returning later.

    The next time you look at your light bill and start to complain about the cost of it, remember that we can't keep electric bills down when you keep public lights on! We can only help you if you help yourself!

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