Tribal Government

The Igiugig Village Council, which is also known as the Tribal Council, is responsible for handling the governmental activities of the Village in addition to maintaining and overseeing the Village's general well-being and continued existence.

The Council meets on a monthly basis to discuss the issues of importance to the Village - these meetings are always open to the general public, and public input and ideas are welcome and accepted at all Council meetings.

The main responsibilities of the Village Council are to oversee and maintain Village infrastructure assets, including the community water and sewer, electricity, and roads. The Village Council ensures fuel, gasoline, and heating oil are delivered to residents in a timely manner. The Council works together with the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) to provide residents with other general tribal activities, including social service programs and adult vocational/continuing education classes.

The Council maintains the town health clinic, which is generally staffed by two health aides. In addition to this IVC maintains the town's pump house; this facility houses public restrooms and showers as well as washing machines and dryers. The Council directly affects change within the community through the implementation and oversight of several sources of grant funding which the Village receives. Some of these programs include the Village's Walk-to-be-Fit Wellness Program, The Summer Reading Club, Summer Crafts Fair, The Igiugig Can Crushers Club, and the Suicide Prevention Program.

In the past, the Council has also overseen several larger scale projects which affected the community at large. Recently finished projects for community development include: the construction of a new 1.5 mile sanitation access road leading to the new Village landfill, the building and furnishing of a community computer lab currently located in the Igiugig School, the development of Village photo archives to increase visitor awareness of historical aspects of Igiugig, and a program which oversees buying activity and other athletic and physical equipment for the children of the Village.

Igiugig is part of the Lake and Peninsula Borough, and the Lake and Peninsula School District.