Village Life

Being home to 69 people, Igiugig is a community with strong educational values, elder respect, and people with strong wills. Located on the sloping banks of the Kvichak River, Igiugig is a prime site for subsistence fishing and hunting, tourism, and travel.

Igiugig is focused on propelling forward: school children are encouraged to do their very best and to continue their education beyond high school; the village council has projects of high status, such as the in-progress green house. Splitting fish and trapping are two favorites of Igiugig elders and young’uns alike.

Cultural values are engraved in the minds of the young generations, it is important to us that our history, our dances and stories, our traditions, are learned and passed down, for the next wave of descendants. Community involvement is not an issue when it comes to Igiugig. Recycling events, school fundraisers, church services, and village barbeques (just to name a few) are attended by all.