Makuryat Minute Madness

Written by
Tanya Salmon
22 January 2021

The Minute Madness started off as a month long active challenge but has quickly evolved and expanded from one to four. A Facebook community page was created so participants can share their photos, stories, and goals. Categories have now grown from active minutes to posting healthy family oriented indoor/outdoor activities, giving RAKs (Random Acts of Kindness), practicing village safety (such as wearing helmets when driving ATVs), sharing healthy recipes & why they are special, reminiscing about elders, sharing stories that make them laugh, participating in community events (i.e. looking for “mouse food,” or trying your luck at shooting down a can of spam in the annual Turkey Shoot), or volunteering to help the community (like picking up litter).

The community's favorite category, by far, has been giving and receiving RAKs. It has been pointed out that people have always done nice things for others, but it feels special being recognized for doing good deeds, especially during Covid times when we need a positive outlook the most. Every week, we draw prizes for the four active minute age categories, RAKs, and events/volunteering. We make the drawings LIVE on the Facebook page so participants can watch. Prizes range from outdoor survival equipment, board games, and SCF swag. The Igiugig Village Council has generously donated over $2,000 to purchase prizes and SCF has given t-shirts, sweaters, water bottles, and fresh fruit/vegetable prizes. We are very thankful for the support and enthusiasm for the program!

Below, we share some stories that were posted to social media.

Story That Makes Me Laugh:

“In the winter of 1989-90 Tanya often came over to “have a tea party” with Davy. At that time he was still so small he couldn’t even roll over on his own yet. So I would set him up in his baby seat and she would put out settings for two places on a footstool between them, fill the plates with cookies, nilla wafers, raisins, peanuts or whatever other snacks my pantry had. Make two cups of tea (tang) and proceeded to “visit” until everything was gone.

She carried on quite long conversations and consumed the snacks while Davy just stared and made hand motions since he wasn’t even getting solid food yet. She never invited any of her siblings along and they probably never even knew where she went.”

Elder Story:

“One day my Gram told my Glusna something was going on, “Yaatini.” My Glusna asked what yaatini meant. Gram said, “You know, yaatini.” Making hand gestures to make her point. My Glusna said, “I see you, but WHERE is yaatini?” Gram in a fluster yelled even louder, “Yaatini IS Yaatini!!” Gram was trying to say, “ Something was going on, down over there!” So to this day we still laugh and say, “Yaatini is Yaatini!”

“Everyone knows we aren’t used to traffic, it was even more unexpected when we were kids. One day, three vehicles met at the cross roads by the school. Everyone stopped, then tried to go at the same time, then stop. No one followed the stop & yield signs. Ol mostly blind Mike got frustrated, threw his Honda into reverse, & drove around all the vehicles, in the frozen swamp across from the sewer, and cruised home in second gear, going full speed.”

Why I Love Living in Igiugig:

“The unlimited amount of love that goes to our children. Here you know that no matter where these kids roam theyare welcomed into each and every single household and that most kids feel comfortable enough to knock (sometimes) and walk right on in.”

“I love the ‘Can do attitude’. Being a single Parent with one child; every single person who lives in Igiugig have helped one way or another. Ever so thankful and appreciative.”

“All of the people. This is probably hands down THE kindest village I've ever been to in my life. It's not just the adults - The kids are very kind too, a reflection of what they are learning at home, I have always been thoroughly impressed. Great parenting.”

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