Makuryat Minute Madness

Written by
Tanya Salmon
10 September 2020

During the COVID pandemic, we realize that it is more important than ever to maintain a healthy lifestyle by incorporating diet, exercise, healthy activities, and mental well-being into our everyday schedules. To help our village combat chronic illness, prevent future illnesses, and to strengthen the mental behavioral health of our residents, we decided to help organize “Makuryat Minute Madness.”

Makuryat Minute Madness is a personal health challenge that focuses on a persons’ well-being -mind, body, and soul- in a positive environment with supportive peers. Makuryat is the Yup’ik word for No-see-um, which is the school mascot for Igiugig. This challenge is broken down into 4 different age groups: 0-5, 6-12, 13-18, 19+. Participants keep track of the time they spend being active (i.e. picking berries -time spent picking, not driving to the berry spot-, splitting fish, going for walks, etc), every 30 minutes earns them a ticket. 0-18 age groups can also include the time they spend playing outdoors to the point system. Participants can earn bonus tickets by attending public village functions (library events, cultural outings, etc), buying from the local greenhouse, cooking healthy meals, and picking up trash while outdoors (clinic has gloves available if you need some. We also have XS gloves for kids). Every week, we will do drawings for prizes…the more active you are, the more tickets you earn, the better the chances of winning some cool prizes.

We will create a Facebook group where people can post photos or comments on how they have been doing, where they can encourage other participants, get ideas from others, and to maintain a sense of community while practicing social distancing. The social page will also be used to educate followers, give health tips, and is a great way to reach the community for health needs and concerns.

Adult participants are welcome to stop by the clinic weekly to check BP, glucose levels, weight, or whatever goal they are working on. For individuals interested, we can also do blood draws at the beginning and end of the challenge to track progress.

We will begin this challenge September 1st and will go through the entire month. If people in the community still are enjoying the challenge, we will continue with it. Kick-off begins outside the clinic on September 1st for a community walk (time to be announced). There, people can sign in, pick up their Tshirts, gloves as needed, as well as a recording sheet. If you missed the September 1st kick-off, you can still join at any time! SKODEN! STOODIS!

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