Message from the Editor April 2018

Written by
Ida Nelson
26 April 2018

Good Bye Winter, Hello Spring

Geese flying over head, hunters and children are getting impatient as school is coming to a close and spring has arrived. Igiugig has been busy since the last newsletter that went out to you folks. Tatyana graduated from high school! Congratulations to Greg and Renae Zackar for your daughter completing high school and venturing on to new adventures.

Every Friday at the school the kids get to choose electives for the day and you can read what type of electives they choose for the Friday Fun. We continue to recycle here in Igiugig and our intern has an article to update you on our program. Following that article, we have one about the large quantities of snow we had unusually in March written by Kiara. After Kiara’s article you can look at more photos of Taty’s Graduation, Class of 2018.

There is an update in the Wangkuta Qanriarait Navarparmiut Yugcetun of what we have been doing lately and how we enjoyed Dr. Walkie Charles of UAF on Yup’ik grammar. AlexAnna also has an update on the ANE grant “Communities Teaching Culture” and what the plans are so far. Following her article, you can see your favorite people out and finding ways to enjoy Igiugig and all that we are and read our announcements.

It’s spring time, remember to be safe on the river and the melting lake, as winter continues to fall away and the birds return from their winter travels.

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