Message from the Editor September 2017

Written by
Ida Nelson
01 October 2017


Life in the village of Igiugig has been going non-stop from dusk of early mornings until the stars start shining late at night—we have been busy with all kinds of activities. From going hunting for berries, traveling across tundra in search of the biggest blueberries and black berries to packaging meat caught by local generous providers while float planes are flying almost non-stop and everywhere you turn there is a man/woman in waders wanting to catch fish on the mighty Kvichak.

With so much that has been going on I do personally apologize for not having a newsletter article for you all for August, hopefully this one will make up for it. First off we have the Repatriation of Igiugig Ancestors Day, written by Sandy Alvarez, of the bones of 24 bodies that have been returned from the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History where they where since 1930. Following her article is Jeff’s article on the Local Foods and you can read about his love for September. After you read what Christina might let him buy in his article you can read our Student Articles submission from page 4 to 6. Alicia attended Circle training and you can read what she learned. Below you can find more photos of the Repatriation of Igiugig Ancestors Day, next you will find pictures of your favorite people and announcements.

The days are coming to single digits now as most of the lodges are on their last leg for the season and we will have our quiet skies and rivers again except for those few whom brave the cold still looking for their 30-incher trout.

October we welcome you with open arms as the bugs slowly die, and the leaves begin to fall, I wish you all a happy safe fall!

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