Native/Local Foods Challenge & Trek to Big Mountain

Written by
Tate Gooden
31 July 2017

Igiugig set to embark on Native/Local Foods Challenge and Trek to Big Mountain, AK.

A group of Aborigines, walked back into the Bush for seven weeks and ate only traditional native foods. Their health improved when they went away from foods of commerce and dined on what nature intended for them to eat. We learned about this experiment while reading the book In Defense of Food by Michael Pollan for our Non-Fiction literature standards at Igiugig High School.

The village of Igiugig is planning to conduct a similar traditional/local foods experiment and embark on our own walkabout to Big Mountain.

The Native/Local Foods Challenge will be a six-week experiment where participants will eat only traditional and local foods save whole grain oatmeal and salt. Participants will undergo monthly health screenings from January 2017 to December 2017. Health screenings to include weight, blood pressure, blood sugar, pulse rate, etc. Results to be published as a Science Project.

The challenge is set to begin on September 17th and will conclude on October 28th. The hike to Big Mountain will begin on September 26th. From smoked salmon to patuq bone fat cake, participants are busy putting aside stores for the challenge as well as for trade with other residents. Anything local is fair game.

The Native/Local Foods Challenge will also coincide with a trek to Big Mountain. During the walkabout, hikers will visit important cultural sites and study the geography of Lake Iliamna. We will also be focusing on the natural flora and fauna to keep us fed. A special moose permit will be applied for through ADF&G. The walk will conclude at Big Mountain with a Native Foods potluck.

Interested in being a part of Igiugig’s Native Foods Challenge? We are looking for sponsors and donors to help cover costs of gear and return flights from Big Mountain.

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