Waz’Up At Your Local Library?

Written by
A J Gooden
24 October 2018

In May 2018, the librarian-in-training, AJ Gooden, attended the State Library’s special workshop in Juneau for librarians of small, rural libraries. She returned with a to-do list, including “weeding,” a library term for organizing library materials by sorting through and removing outdated, unused, or otherwise unnecessary books. In our small library, space is always an issue, so many extra-copy books were weeded and displayed at a community Book Fair held on Saturday, September 15. Residents were encouraged to take home as many books as they wanted. The majority of weeded books were in excellent condition, so any that remained after the Book Fair will be shipped to other small libraries in the state or the Goodwill in Anchorage.

Despite a limited number of Summer Reading Club meetings, the residents of Igiugig, especially the children, pulled off their goal of reading at least 1,000 books. Between May 1 and September 3, twentyfive readers—14 children, 4 young adults, and 7 adults--read a total of 1,752 books. Following the Book Fair on September 15, Reading Club participants gathered in the school gymnasium to enjoy do-ityourself banana splits and a finale dance party (because the theme for this year’s summer reading club was Libraries Rock!). Next summer’s theme will be “A Universe of Stories,” celebrating the 50th anniversary of the first man on the moon. Thanks to Taty Zackar for helping operate the library during the summer.

Beginning in October, the library will sponsor a Battle of the Books Club for all interested elementary, middle, and high school students. Club meetings will be held once a week, the day and time to be decided by participants. Any adult interested and willing to help coach a team, please contact AJ. Depending on student interest, five coaches will be needed during Battle time in February: Grade 2, Grades 3/4, Grade 5, Middle School, and High School. The titles for this year’s competition are available for check-out at the library.

In addition, there will be a quarterly Book Gathering for adults, with titles selected by participants. The first title is up for nomination, so please share your ideas, considering titles that would appeal to a wide range of reading interests and make for lively discussion. If not on hand, several copies of the book will be purchased and made available for check-out. The first Book Gathering & Potluck will be held at the end of December, the exact date still to be determined. An effort will be made to alternate between fiction and non-fiction. As adults, we can help our children know the value and joy of reading by reading and talking about books ourselves. Please text title suggestions to AJ at 907-533-6016, or drop by the library between 6:00-8:00 pm Monday-Friday or 1:00-5:00 on Saturdays.

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