ORPC Visits the School

Written by
Kiara Nelson
06 March 2019

On January 24th, 2019, a group of ORPC, (Ocean Renewable Power Company) AEA (Alaska Energy Authority) or renewable energy professionals, arrived to the school to have dinner. The student government hosted the exclusive Kvichak Cafe with the help of Mr. Gooden and Mrs. Gooden, who made honey/ginger/sriracha salmon with baked potatoes, salad, and for dessert, a piece of crazy chocolate cake. All for a price of $15.

The gym was lit dim with white Christmas lights lining the perimeter. In the center were 3 black tables covered with dark red table clothes lined with fancy plastic cups and silverware placed on napkins. Metal chairs lined the table. Guests chatted while the elementary student servers constantly milled in and out of the kitchen that was hidden with a tall blue mat. They walked about the table carrying pitchers of water, bowls of salads, and tiny dishes of condiments. I was at the little reception “desk” taking payments and donations then was at the kitchen to help when it was needed.

The dinner went well. People were full and satisfied. After we cleaned up, there was big kid gym where a couple of the ORPC guests joined to play a game of basketball.

On the next day, a few of the representatives came to the high school class to discuss how renewable energy is the future and how we are the next generation that they need. We shared other topics such as our science project and the soil samples that we took from each archaeological site.

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