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Maskalaatarvik 2016

| Administrator
Masked Festivals Yupik Words/Phrases Qavcin melqungqertuq tauna kegginaquq-qaa? - How many feathers does that mask have? Kegginaq - faceKegginaquq - mask Kegginaquq angnir...

I Really Am Still A Resident

| Tanya Salmon
Many of you may have noticed that I have been out of the office most of September. I had a busy month of Cross Country (XC), Bristol Bay Native Association (BBNA) meetings, and ...

4-1-1 in the 5-3-3

| AlexAnna Salmon
Waqaa, Igiugig has been a bustling center of activity and since we haven’t had a regular meeting since spring, when we also lost our administrator, I wanted to provide a few upd...

I Do!

| Administrator
On Saturday October 8th, friends & family of Jeff Bringhurst & Christina Salmon gathered together on the windy shores of Lake Iliamna to hear the two friends exchange vows & say...

Local Foods Plot—September 2016

| Jeff Bringhurst
As we slip into fall, the vigor at which our vegetables have grown in the summer sun, wanes with the daylight hours. All the fall crops are off to a strong start, but I constant...

Wangkuta Qanriarait Nanvarparmiut Yugestun

| AlexAnna Salmon & Halay Turning Heart
This month we held an Elder Honoring event to recognize Annie, Dallia, and Alice. Their knowledge is the foundation of our program and we are so grateful for their daily support...

Message from the Editor September 2016

| Ida Nelson
Camai! Waqaa! Winga atqa Narusvaugua. Uitalartua Igayarami. Caliunga School-ami kenirtarista, calivigmi-llu. Wiinga irniangka Cungicuq, Qamuralria-llu. For those who do no...

Back to School - 2016

| Tate Gooden
Back to School 2016 - Aim, Fire…Ready? Summer has slipped away and it is time for school to start. School will commence on August 17th at 8:30 am. I would like to take this t...


| Dolly Zharoff
This year has been a busy summer for IGAP (Indian General Assistance Program). We’ve been recycling: tin, aluminum, #1 plastics, light bulbs, foam products, batteries, and glass...

Local Foods Plot—August 2016

| Jeff Bringhurst
As the season turns and the summer crops bear the last of their fruits, I am in a constant state of gratitude - Grateful for the privilege of growing food for my family and comm...

Library News

| Tanya Salmon
On July 24th I was on a plane traveling with my best friend to our old stomping grounds, UAF. I was attending a week long School-Public Collaborative Library Training (SPCL) & S...

Wangkuta Qanriarait Nanvarparmiut Yugestun

| AlexAnna Salmon & Halay Turning Heart
Year in Review This year we launched the Yup’ik Language Program through funding from ANA, which marks the start of a long, exciting journey to reclaim Yup’ik and teach it to...

Message from the Editor August 2016

| Ida Nelson
Freezers Full My freezers are almost completely filled with salmon and berries from this year’s harvest and now it is almost time for school to start and the silvers are runn...

Summer Reading Club

| Tanya Salmon
With the sudden baby boom Igiugig has experienced, I decided to write about the importance of reading to your child (although it applies to any age!). When should parents sta...

Wangkuta Qanriarait Nanvarparmiut Yugestun

| AlexAnna Salmon
Igiugig Village Council received two Administration for Na-tive Americans (ANA) grants – one under Social and Economic Development Strategies which is the tugboat project, and a...

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