About Igiugig RivGen

About the Igiugig RivGen Project
The RivGen® Power System generates emission-free electricity from river currents and connects directly into existing remote community grids using smart grid technology. It consists of three major subsystems: shore-side power electronics, mooring system, and turbine generator (TGU) device.

In 2014, ORPC built and operated its RivGen® Power System, the Company’s first river energy project, delivering power to the remote Alaskan village of Igiugig. We re-installed and operated an updated RivGen® Power System in Igiugig in 2015 to demonstrate its latest technology advancements and provided one-third of the community’s electricity needs, significantly offsetting their diesel fuel use.


  • Low profile, advanced design cross-flow turbines
  • Operates underwater with no visible surface features
  • Encapsulated generator specifically designed for leak prevention and long life in subsea operations
  • Towable pontoon support structure with “self-deploying/self-retrieving” remotely activated buoyancy system
  • Non-linear control system for operating in turbulent conditions
  • Optimized drivetrain with minimal friction losses and high reliability
  • Improved turbine extraction efficiencies approaching 45%
  • Advanced composite materials optimized for performance and component life
  • Designed to be deployed by locally available vessels, equipment and contractors.

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