Igiugig Land Use

Igiugig Native Corporation (INC) requires a Land Use Permit for any persons using INC land.

Permits are available for the season between the dates of May 15th to October 15th. INC lands include above the ordinary high water marker on the Kvichak River, Lake Iliamna, and Kukaklek Lake.*

Rates for approved activities:
General Access Day Pass (Non-shareholder pass to cross land) 1 Day $20.00
Personal Use Hunting Fee 5 Days $650
Recreational Sport Fishing Fee 5 Days $200.00
General Access Day Pass (non-shareholder) 1 Day $20.00
General Access Day Pass $100.00-Guided fishing
Firewood Cutting (fallen timber only for personal use) 3 Days $150.00
Wood Vendors/Timber Extraction (fallen or dead timbers only) 30 days $2,500.00
Commercial Guided Sport Fishing Operator May-Sept $3,000.00

All commercial business must be approved by the Igiugig Native Corporation Board of Directors and contracts must be approved by INC legal counsel.

For further information or land-use application, please contact INC Trespass Officers.

Failure to comply with these regulations may result in a termination of village services.

* Notice: As of June 1st, 1997, all INC lands at Kukaklek Lake outlet are leased for exclusive use to Royal Wolf Lodge, Inc. Any use by others will have to be pre-arranged by contacting Chris Branham, owner of Royal Wolf Lodge at (907)-248-3256.


  1.  Application must be made to the administrative office of INC.
  2.  Any permit is issued only for the period stated and may be renewed only by reapplication.
  3.  Any permit is not transferable and may not be rented, leased, assigned, or in any way encumbered.
  4.  No interest in INC land is conveyed or established by this permit. The permit may be revoked at any time with or without cause.
  5.  Any permit is issued for specific land described and does not include any adjacent properties.
  6.  Any permit holder must agree to and abide by all requirements of any permits, and INC reserves the right to revoke a permit without compensation or without refunding of any permit fee if in the judgment of INC, a permit holder has failed to comply with any of these requirements.
  7.  INC will not be liable and will be indemnified and held harmless for any injuries or damages sustained by any person as a result of any activity undertaken by the permit holder.
  8.  The land used on the approved permit must be returned to its original state at the end of permit period. All garbage must be removed and buildings dismantled.
  9.  Fires will be contained (stove, campfire pits, etc.)
  10.  An effort will be made to collect dry or fallen timber for firewood. No clear cutting is allowed.
  11.  No survey monuments, bearing tree markers, or other signs will be removed.
  12.  INC may inspect camps periodically for compliance with permit.
  13.  No using berry pickers on INC land.
  14.  INC does not warrant that the land utilized is in fact INC land. It is the responsibility of the permit holder to identify which utilized land is corporation land, public land, or other private lands before undertaking any activity pursuant to this permit.
  15.  The permit holder shall keep his camp at least 600 feet from any other permit holder’s camp.
  16.  The permit holder shall seek the advice of the Department of Environmental Conservation and shall comply with their requirements or suggestions concerning the disposal of human waste and sewage.

The permit holder shall not engage in any activity prohibited under the authority of any local, state or federal law or regulation.

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