Igiugig Native Corporation

In 1971, the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (ANCSA) established land-owning Native Corporations. It extinguished all aboriginal claims to Alaska in exchange for fee simple title to 44 million acres of land, and a settlement of $962.5 million dollars to be invested in state-chartered corporations. Twelve regional and 226 village for-profit corporations were established. Village corporations were granted surface rights of an area based on the number of residents. For example, if a 1970 US Census showed a village population of 25-99, then the village corporation would be entitled to 69,000 acres. Alaskan Natives enrolled in village and regional corporations based upon their residence during the 1970 US Census, and each received 100 shares of stock to both corporations. Our village corporation is Igiugig Native Corporation and our land base is 66,000 acres.

Dividend income is derived from land use fees paid by area lodges and sport fishermen. Land is also leased exclusively to particular lodges. Profit from INC lands benefit shareholders, scholarship and educational programs, and our reserve fund with the intention to buy private property along the riverbank to increase INC land-base, and thus provide for a greater land base in which permit holders may utilize.

More importantly, our lands are rich in plants, wildlife, and cultural history. INC lands have sustained our people for the last 11,000 years. We ask that you respect our homeland, our way of life, and the people during your visit.

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