Flying Fishing & Guide Academy

Written by Tatyana Zackar on .

Sharolynn and I went to a fly fishing and guide academy on June 6th we got picked up with a float plane down below our house and they brought us to Kulik lodge. It was really fun. I got to fly out to American creek and fish for Char. The first fish I caught was a Char after 3 days of fishing in different spots. I was the last person there to catch a fish. The instructors did skits where they showed us how some people act when they fish it was funny. The guides at the lodge did skits too. They did groups of skits called “The good, the bad, and the ugly” where they showed us how a guide is supposed to act with each of the type of client but on the ugly skit the guide was the one acting bad. On the last full day there we did a Client day. Sheryl, Betsy, and Christina were some of the clients that day and I was so nervous and worried I didn’t know if I would pass being a guide. My client was the chief ranger for Katmai National Park, Tom Betts. We flew out to the American creek. He caught about 10 char. After, I found out that they passed us even before we left. We received a college credit for passing. When we came home we flew with a small plane. I didn’t like it.